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Below are just a handful of the great things our customers have said about us and using Multi PDF Splitter.

This is a great product. I first tried something from Adobe which was more expensive and didn’t work at all. Your product is easy to use and very reliable. — Jim Rogers, Risk Technology Solutions

The one time we had a question for the Multi PDF Splitter support team, our email was answered within 15 minutes, containing all the information we needed to resolve our issue. When we consider the time and resources we have devoted to finding a solution to splitting PDF files inhouse, we've saved a tremendous amount of time, money, and frustration. The added security of knowing our client's PDF files are not being exposed on unknown websites is priceless. The cost of Multi PDF Splitter was small, but the investment return has been huge. Thank you, Multi PDF Splitter. — Kathy S.

Multi PDF Splitter will split many PDFs with fair complexity that Acrobat cannot. It is fast and doesn't use many system resources, but, most importantly, it runs on both Mac and Windows desktops with absolutely no issues. Excellent desktop tool... — Gerald D.

I am a residential real estate agent/broker. I sometimes put a full contract together of 30 to 40 pages when all said and done. I love your product. Our contracts are changing constantly and attorneys, clients and other agents need to update full closing packets. Multi PDF Splitter splits these docs in minutes. — Cathy Barton, Allison James Estates & Homes

We've been splitting PDF documents with one of the free online tools available - until one our clients became worried about the confidentiallity of his documents. From that time, we now do every single split on our local PCs and Multi PDF Splitter is a life saver. We've installed the program on 12 computers in our office we have been running at full speed since.

In addition to the keeping all of our documents on our computer, the speed of splitting all the PDFs is phenomenal. It's hard to believe now we didn't use Multi PDF Splitter any sooner. — Stephan Mueller, Germany

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